Flavour & taste, smells, sounds, touch & sight  – all the senses are so incredibly subjective. Hence when it comes to food & drink you have to go into it thick skinned enough to know it just isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea! Or coffee! Ha! But also take on board feedback, adjust it as per comments – but mostly trust your intuition and your own flavour buds that honour the Icelandic and Nordic taste buds!

That is how we then bring you Öskuhús coffee. Dark, nutty but full of earthy anti-inflammatory and antioxidant goodness. All in one beautiful dark cup!

Hence, when you see an award-winning restaurant Terroir Tapas using your produce in a dessert – a  Chocolate Coffee Beetroot plate of beauty (and WOW the method is insane! So creative and incredible! – See at the bottom) – honestly your heart leaps with joy!

When the chef sends you a message and lets you know as you randomly liked a picture of what he had made and what is to follow is a conversation about your produce, why you do it, how it came about and bam! You without realising it, feel proud again. You feel like dancing on the kitchen floor (I might have) and singing to whatever tunes Alexa decided to throw out at a random playlist.

How we do it!

Our Coffee is very subjective. It is a dark roast we work with Bad Hand on and then we infuse it. People often ask us why we work with other producers and then infuse the ash. It isn’t always the case but as a small start up business I got to a point where I was making everything, and I wasn’t managing to do enough.

I looked into private outsourcing under a white label – but then I thought that goes against the values I wanted for Öskuhús. I therefore went to the makers and shakers I respect, and I know are honest and ethical. Giving me scope to shout about the ash tree, conjure up new recipes, link with more businesses. With our tea in making atm that is all us and no collaborations, our alcohol brewing – that is all us but when it comes to something so magical like coffee – you work with the masters! Just saying 😊

Anyway, back to Terroir Tapas – Takk Takk! Again Takk – When running a business, you can get so bogged down in the paperwork and what has to happen that you sometimes forget to celebrate your own product! We will plant a tree for Terroir Tapas now and call it the TTTree! – Watch this little wonder of green grow

We can’t wait to come in and taste, probably the whole menu! If you do go and try it please do take photos and send us

From Terroir Tapas Chef: How he makes the Chocolate. Coffee. Beetroot dish:How they do it!

How they do it!

“Basically, the dessert uses a very rare chocolate. We make a ganache with this using water glucose and sea salt so it’s really silky. Then we take pickled beetroot. Dry in the oven all day. It becomes chewy like a wine gum. Sweet and acidic. Then we take your coffee. Infuse with a spent vanilla from a local brewery. Cacao nib infused rum and conker cold brew liqueur. Then we add cream and sugar. Charge in a canister with nitrous oxide to aerate and set. Then cocoa meringue on top”

❤️ Jesse Wells – Chef at Terroir Tapas