Our Story

And a bit about our (Icelandic tree) roots…

Öskuhús was set up by Oddný Edwards Chef/Creator who was raised in the harsh but beautiful Icelandic landscape – a place where you’re forced to learn what’s edible from nature and how to minimise waste.

At sixteen, Oddný moved to Hawaii, immersing herself in an organic flower and herb farm called Hana Herbs. Here she learned even more how to live off the land, and about the diverse trees and their ability to feed and medicate us, as well as offer raw material for furniture.

Armed with her knowledge, Oddný launched Öskubox in the UK – Öskubox enjoyed a profound link to Norse mythology and Yggdrasil – the ‘Tree of Life’ – and was grounded in a deep respect for everything around us.

Öskubox,  won awards year after year and gave the whole team a platform to explore creative ideas with trees influenced by Icelandic culture. 

During this time the idea of Öskuhús grew.

Our Core values 

Ö – Öll (All) -The overall business and ethos.

S – Samfélag (Community) – Sharing interests in our core values; trees, nature, Icelandic ways, Viking history and being kind

K – Kostur (Choice and Value) – Having the choice and it being valuable.

U – uppgötva (Discovering and Learning) -Wanting to learn; to forage, fun facts around our ethos and community. About trees and how Icelandic people approach things. How we can all make a difference to our environment. 

H – Hamingja (Happiness) – To be happy and have fun. Finding that contentment inside and outside.

Ú – úti (Environment) – All things that affect our environment. Compostable. Biodegradable. Recyclable. Re-use. The love of the outdoors and what we can do the keep it clean and enjoyable.

S – Saman (together) – Let´s have fun whilst we all do our part together.

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