How does Öskuhús work?

Here at Öskuhús we decided to do things a bit different.

We don´t have one purpose but two!

We want to make food, drink and products that all remind us of Iceland, and the second one is to include the Ash tree to try and save it!

Oskuhus home of Nordic nosh and saving the ash tree

How and Why?

Because the Ash tree is a super special tree to us.

It is full of medicinal benefits. It has anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties. No wonder it was the Vikings tree of life!

However it is dying out! It has a disease called ash dieback. And the sad thing about it dying out is the usefulness of it will too.

save the ash tree from ash dieback with oskuhus

Hardly anyone knows it is so rich in health benefits.

Our founder Oddný is an award winning chef and an international judge for the drinks and food industry as well as having worked in foraging since a teenager.

She knows that she can´t be making all the items as well as trying to fight the green corner of the ash tree, so we have teamed up with independt, passionate makers. Peopel that share out vision.

We create blends, producst and drinks with them by infusing, adding and steeping ash until the flavour is sensational and how the good folk in Iceland would like it.

oskuhus ashtree coffee

This not only gives us the opportunity to expand the reach to show people how delicious the ash tree is but also makes more than one business work.

Oddný is tastes and tests each product with each maker and partner. By doing things this way we make sure that not only does everything taste like in Iceland but it is made carefully and always flavour profiling the ash.

We then partner up with organisations that are equally as passionate about saving the ash!

We will introduce each partner so you can see for yourself how we hand pick them and work with them to get the best out of each creation but also how we plant and save trees as we do it

planting trees whilst drinking ashtreecoffee