Meet our Partners

When Oddný started Öskuhús she knew she couldn´t do this alone.

She was embarking on a journey that up until meeting John Wright the one and only famous foraging legend she had been dismissed when saying that the ash tree was edible.

With hours of his help and several books and calls later she had all she needed!

It was then she realised that even though she could do it all with her food experience, she decided to partner up with small to medium makers. Find foodies as passionate as her and ask them to make recipes to the Icelandic flavour profiling. After all we buy Waitrose own and M&S Ranges. They tend to be made by someone else who is already producing that product. It is a brilliant way of supporting more than one business and we want to be transparent about that.

We do this because we are a small business and to achieve our goals of both making great food and drink as well as save the ash tree then we have to be realistic. The best way to achieve this is to work with incredible makers who are willing to make a special ash tree blend to our pallet and link up with as many tree organisations as possible!

We will as time goes by introduce you in depth to each partner but as it stands here are our incredible partners that help us make the dream come true!

John Wright: John is an author, River Cottage chief forager, TV presented, but mainly him and his family are the most beautiful people willing to put up with us and constantly teach us more and more!

Future Tree trust: We reached out to the future tree trust when we heard about the Living Ash Project and the research they do. Focusing their efforts to saving this incredible tree! Finding variants that are more tolerant and replanting those in hope to re-seed new ash trees for the ones we will loose. There are incredible organisations behind this such as Kew Gardens, Fera, Forest Research and many others all with the same goal. To rescue the ash tree, where possible.

Grasagarðurinn i Reykjavík: Ash dieback has not reached Iceland – It is the only country in the world not affected. As such we had to reach out to our old stomping ground where we learnt what we know today and they have been incredible. Supplying us with ash and opening up doors to organisations in Iceland. It is good to see the ash tree fight happening all around the world.

Bristol Botanicals: Supplying high grade botanicals in huge supply to hospitals, research centres around the world and direct to market. They were just brilliant when we kept coming with more questions.

Bad Hand Coffee: We have been working with Bad Hand Coffee since 2016 when we had Oskubox! These guys are as passionate as we are about coffee and doing what we can for our planet! Thanks guys for all you do.

Beaulie Chocolate Studio: Also been working with these incredible guys since 2016! You can’t find anyone more passionate about chocolate and flavours then this family award winning business!

Conkor Spirit & Bath Distillery: Both these companies gave us the confidence to go exploring in the early days when making ash tree alcohol. They continue to be on hand to taste, help and support. Takk so much!

The Guild of Fine Food: Such a large part of our journey. When being the first to market it is vital to ask questions and be open to feedback. These guys work with thousands of makers and brands and we are so grateful for the support along the way

Oliver Spendley & Reclaimed Design: These guys share our incredible passion of reusing trees – especially Ash and breathing life to a fallen or cut down tree. Using the old to tell a story! To show the importance of creativity and using that have a voice!

There are also individuals we could not have done this without. They are paving the way for a new way of supplying, teaching and reaching out the masses. These are Lee Morton, James Fowler, Drinks Maven, and so many more!

Takk and again Takk to everyone!